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martial artist from Way of the Exploding Fist game
Case Study #1

I would never give Pixel8Games.com the chop. That's why I liked their website, shared it, and even sent a private link to my mates to tell them all about it!

8-Bit Master

housemaid from jet set willy game
Case Study #2

I emailed Pixel8Games to point out some snagging issues. And also to say the site looks bloomin' gorgeous too! You're still not getting the key though.

Frustrated Housewife

archeologist from Knight Lore game
Case Study #3

I was so completely bitten by the Pixel8Games.com website that it's totally transformed me. I followed and tweeted about them like any leader of the pack would.

Middle-Aged Wulf

knight from ghosts n goblins game
Case Study #4

The moment I'd finished with my goblin teasmade, I subscribed to the Pixel8Games.com YouTube channel, which is full of awesome gameplay reviews!

Violent Knight